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Amber Waves KS

Silk Charmeuse Wild Rag- “Rust Tonal”

Silk Charmeuse Wild Rag- “Rust Tonal”

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100% Charmeuse Silk Wild Rag | 36" x 36"

Grade 6A Mulberry Silk | 19 momme | Charmeuse Weave | Machine Stitched Hem

Our "Rust Tonal" wild rag is crafted from the finest 100% charmeuse silk and measures 36" square. Its lightweight and breathable fabric is designed for all-day comfort whether you’re working on the ranch or out on the town. The highly durable machine-stitched hems paired with the 19 weight silk ensure that your wild rag will withstand serious use, while still maintaining excellent drape, breathability, and comfort.

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Customer Reviews

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Greg C.
Charmeuse "Rust Tonal" is work of art .

The 19 MOMME weight is right for blocking the wind .
The dye work is gorgeous .
The edges are crisply folded back and finely sewn.
I am grateful for all the work in produce-ing the silk , and the dyes ; and for the work at Amber
Waves KS in putting it all together .
If my praise seems generous then that is good because that is what I intended as that is how I feel about it .