About Amber Waves KS LLC

Amber Waves KS LLC is a small, family-owned business based in El Dorado, KS. We specialize in hand-dyeing high quality natural fibers. Amber Waves originally came to life as a hand-dyed yarn company, run out of the spare bedroom in my home. Now, a few short years later, we have a fully functional studio in town with a small store front to go along with it. In 2021, I expanded beyond just hand-dyed yarns and ventured into silk products. Now, in addition to our hand-dyed yarn and fiber arts supplies we also offer hand-dyed silk scrunchies, pillowcases, pajamas, wild rags (scarves) and more. I enjoy trying new things and, as a result, Amber Waves has gone through a lot of evolution since it's start. It's been a wild ride, as any small business owner would probably tell you, but it's been such an incredible experience. 

Amber Waves Wild Rags came to life in 2021 with working men and women in mind. My inspiration came from my husband who wears a silk wild rag every day during the Kansas winters. I wanted to create wild rags that were more unique and, more importantly, more durable than other wild rags on the market. My goal is to strike the perfect balance between beauty and functionality. Each wild rag you purchase comes from my own two hands and has been inspected for quality before going out the door. When I’m not in the dye studio you’ll find me baking a loaf (or four) of sourdough bread, knitting, or watching my husband ride horses or work dogs. Thanks for checking out our products!
- Bekah & Frank